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Compliance Checkpoint V 9.16 released

What's new?

  • Compliance Checkpoint system can send email notifications on changing the NonConformance status.
  • Custom banner and email logo can be configured for individual audit organisations.
  • Compliance Checkpoint system allows renaming of the duplicate section to enable Sampling during auditing. 


  • Compliance Checkpoint application can automatically configure audit duration based on the questionnaire settings.
  • Add\Edit notification rule can now be saved without being closed.
  • The section toolbar will be refreshed when user navigates to the next/previous section


  • Reports dropdown not showing any items in NC category notification rule.
  • Unable to attach calendar file on NC Corrective action notification rule.
  • Jpeg format Logo & Banner uploaded to the system was not displayed on the email templates.
  • Compliance Checkpoint application was accepting the duplicate audit organisation name.
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