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Navigate the audit questionnaire

Each audit questionnaire is organised into named sections.  Swipe vertically to review the questionnaire contents, or tap the section navigator icon  and touch a Section name to navigate.

Each section contains one or more referenced questions.  Tap a question to open its response screen. Tap the back arrow icon  at the top left of screen to return to the section listing. On the response screen,  tap the previous arrow icon  or next arrow icon  to navigate sequentially through the questionnaire.

Questionnaire toolbar

The Questionnaire toolbar displays the following items:

  • The name of the audit questionnaire
  • The Filter icon . This enables you to filter the questions displayed
  • The Section Navigator icon . This enables you to navigate to a selected Section
  • The Functions menu icon . The menu contains a number of special functions related to the audit process. Each of these are described in a separate topic in this user guide
  • Change Status
  • Duplicate Section
  • Corrective Actions
  • Audit Result
  • View Report
  • Help

Questionnaire footer

The Questionnaire footer displays the following items:

  • Audit time (the total time spent on the audit questionnaire)
  • Progress indicator (indicating the percentage of questions answered)

Using the question toolbar

The question toolbar (displayed with each question on the questionnaire) displays the following items:

  • Flag icon . This allows you to mark the question for later review. The flag turns red when tapped. 
  • Eraser icon . This clears the question response, including observation, notes and comments.
  • Checkmark icon . This saves the response and returns to the audit questionnaire.

Understanding more about the question

To the right of the question text in the response screen, the following icons are displayed:

  • Answered status icon . This indicates the question has been partially or fully answered.
  • Critical question icon . This indicates that the question is “Critical” in terms of its importance or relevance.
  • Compulsory question icon . This indicates that this question must be answered before the user can advance the audit status (See Change an audit status).

In addition to the toolbar, the response screen footer displays a position indicator, indicating which question you are on, relative to the whole questionnaire. For example: 37/96 indicates you are on question 37 out of a total of 96 questions.

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