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Set the audit result

Questionnaires can be configured with a range of possible results to describe the outcome of the audit process, such as Pass/Fail, Gold/Silver/Bronze, etc.  On completion of the audit, you can set the result as required. Alternatively, Compliance Checkpoint can set the audit result automatically based on the audit score.  You may override the automated result, provided you have the correct permission settings (available with Compliance Checkpoint Cloud).

  1. In the Audit Questionnaire, top right of the screen, touch the More icon > Audit Result.
  2. The Audit Result screen displays the overall score achieved.
  3. Using the Audit Result drop down list, select the appropriate result (if any have been configured).
  4. If the auditor has the required permissions, the automated result function may be turned off and the Audit Result set manually.
  5. Tap OK to save or tap outside the screen to cancel.
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