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Key features

Compliance Checkpoint is a tablet app, for conducting and reporting any type of audit or assessment using questionnaires. Audits can be done in many locations and everything you store in your Compliance Checkpoint App can be synced to Compliance Checkpoint Cloud, making it easy to schedule and conduct audits everywhere you have Checkpoint, including tablets, computers and on the web.

Some App functions require an internet connection, however some functions can be performed while disconnected from the internet.

Functions that need a connection

The following functions require an internet connection:

  • Signing up for a new Compliance Checkpoint account
  • Making changes to a scheduled audit
  • Downloading an audit
  • Deleting an audit
  • Locking/Unlocking an audit
  • Uploading an audit
  • Downloading a questionnaire
  • Getting updates for a downloaded questionnaire
  • Downloading a location or site (auditee)
  • Creating or modifying a user (auditor)

Functions that do not need a connection

The following functions do not require an internet connection:

  • Scheduling an audit
  • Conducting an audit
  • Creating multiple locations or sites (auditees)
  • Making changes to a location or site (auditee)
  • Managing corrective actions
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