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Responding to Audit Questions

Compliance Checkpoint allows the capture of significant amounts of information, when responding to each audit question. Response functions are provided in tabs, displayed at the top of the screen:


This is where you “answer” the question. Each question is set up with one or more response items, where you can enter data or tap a variety of items such as drop down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons or date pickers.  To answer a question, tap one or more items, and/or enter text as appropriate


This is where you can record Observations (the behaviour, situation, or information you observed leading up to your compliance determination (see Standard Text and History)


Your comments on the observed situation, or your recommendations for improvement action (see Standard Text and History)


Other pertinent information, such as a document or other reference (Notes do not appear in the audit report)

Corrective Actions

Here you can record comprehensive information about multiple audit non-conformances, issues, or problems that require fixing (see Manage Corrective Actions)


This is where you upload images, voice recordings or documents to support your assertion of compliance or non-compliance to each question (see Manage Attachments)


A key part of each question, this area contains regulatory information, guidance to the auditor on items to look for in answering the question, instructions, or other information related to the question, its purpose and/or intent

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