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How to Use Standard Text

Questionnaires can be set up with a library of commonly used words and phrases, associated with the Observations and Comments fields for each question.  Auditors can access this library to select one or more standard text items instead of typing.  Standard text items may be edited or removed as required.

  1. Open the Audit Questionnaire.
  2. Tap on a question.
  3. Tap the Observations or Comments
  4. Tap the observation text area or comments text area at your insertion point.
  5. Tap the Standard Text icon .
  6. Touch the standard text you wish to use in your observation. If there is no standard text for the selected question, the footer will display “No records found”.

 Automatic standard text insertion

You can configure questionnaires to set up “self-answering” questions, that insert Observations and Comments automatically as the Auditors answer questions – and also generate Corrective Actions using the same text. In setting up these questionnaires, users assign standard text to specific responses, and this text is inserted when that response is selected at audit time. This feature is made possible by the high degree of flexibility Compliance Checkpoint has in the way responses can be set up.  For example, rather than Yes/No responses to a question, the responses could be “Procedure documented and fully implemented/ Procedure documented but not yet implemented/No procedure exists at this time”.  Using this approach, textual responses could be reasonably assumed, and used by the system to insert this as an observation, comment, or both.

This feature is useful if reporting consistency and standardised terminology is important, and also if the organisation is using Compliance Checkpoint to enable self-assessments by external parties.  The outcome is a report that contains intelligent commentary around the submitted self-assessment responses.

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