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Managing Device Settings

To access app settings, located in the top left of the screen, tap the Menu icon  > Settings .

‘Domain’ settings

Corporate users may host Compliance Checkpoint on their own network infrastructure or Domain, in which case a setting is required to connect your device to that domain.

Compliance Checkpoint users (for example, independent auditors) may set up multiple Domains in order to connect to multiple customers using Compliance Checkpoint.

‘Camera’ settings

  • Save snapshots to the library: Set this to On or Off, depending on if you want to save the snapshots on the device image library.
  • Image Size: Set the snapshot image size to Small, Medium or Large.

‘Legal’ settings

  • Term of Use: Tap to review the Terms of Use you accepted at sign up.
  • Privacy Policy: Tap to review the Privacy Policy you accepted at sign up.

‘Synchronize on Wifi only’ setting

  • Choose Yes or No if you only want to synchronise whilst connected to Wifi.

‘Reset Database’ setting

  • Tap Reset Database, confirm you wish to delete all. Every settings will be set to default and all local data will be lost.

‘Passcode Lock’ setting

  • Setup a 4-digit pin to block unauthorized access to the Compliance Checkpoint application on your device.

‘Reset Password’ setting

  • Reset your Compliance Checkpoint account password.

‘Send Error Log’ setting

  • Use this function in the event of an issue, to send an error log to Compliance Experts for review and troubleshooting.

‘Sign Out’ setting

  • Sign out from your Compliance Checkpoint account.

‘Application Version’ setting

  • Displays the currently installed version of the app
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