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Can I create a form to use in Compliance Checkpoint?

To the extent that a form is a series of prompts for information to recorded, yes, you can create a form using Compliance Checkpoint.  You cannot, however, lay out the form elements into columns and rows like you could on paper or in a document. On the other hand, using Checkpoint allows you to set up drop down lists, auto-populate responses, set up special fields that ensure you get the date in the right format (like dates for example), auto-generate corrective actions, populate hidden questions based on a users's responses, and a host of other intelligent things that make it an ideal vehicle for collecting information that you would normally do using a "form".

Think outside the square for a second:

The questionnaire name is the name of the "form", e.g. "Safety Incident Report"

The main elements of the form are your questionnaire Sections, eg "Details of person submitting the report", "Details of the incident", "Investigation", etc.

The prompts on the form are your Questions, e.g. "Contact Details".

The places where the person enters details are the question Responses. e.g. Name (Text Box), Phone (Text Box), Date reported (Date box), etc.

Responses can be grouped into sub-headings to make it even easier to set up the "form" structure.

For example, if you set up a single question, "Contact Details", with responses like Name, Phone, Email, Street, City, State, Postal Code, you can make this look sensible, by adding 2 sub-headings, "Contact" and "Address", and placing the relevant response items under each sub-heading.

With this approach you can use Compliance Checkpoint to replace all your commonly used forms, and store them in your cloud account as they are submitted by users.



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