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What is a questionnaire, exactly?

A questionnaire is a re-usable "template" or "checklist", consisting of a bunch of questions, organised into named sections.  Each question can be set up with a variety of responses, which enables the user to quickly answer" or respond to a question. The structure of a questionnaire is like this:


     > Sections


               > Responses

The following snapshot illustrates how the structure works in practice:


Questionnaire ISO 9000 audit Checklist
     > Section Management System
          > Question Does the organisation have a quality policy?
               > Response(s) Yes

Each questionnaire can have many sections

Each section can have many questions.  Each question can be configured with a variety of properties.

Each question can have many responses. Each response can be configured with a variety of properties.

Responses may be organised into sub-headings if needed.

It is useful to think of questions as "prompts", or requests for information.  For example "Supervisor's Name" is a prompt for someone to enter a name, but in Compliance Checkpoint this is regarded as a question, and the empty text field that is presented to the user is the response.  IT follows that a questionnaire can be set up to represent a form, such as an incident report, in which many items of information are requested.

Once in the library questionnaires may be used time and again to conduct and record audits. In each case, the questionnaire and responses to the questions are stored permanently in your cloud account.




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