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How do response sub-headings work?

When setting up questionnaires, Compliance Checkpoint allows you to organize complex responses by grouping them into sub headings.

In normal circumstances sub-headings are not required, however let's say you wanted to create a "form"-like questionnaire such as an incident report. You might have a section titled "Details of person submitting the report", but you don't want to have separate questions to collect, Name, Contact phone, Email, etc. What you can do is set up a single question, "Contact Details", with responses like Name, Phone, Email, Street, City, State, Postal Code. To make this look sensible, you could add 2 sub-headings, "Contact" and "Address", then place the relevant response items under each sub-heading.

Note that you want to have several multiple choice items in the same response, say, 3 drop down lists, you must separate them using sub-headings. If you try to add a second multiple choice item in the same sub-heading, the items will be merged into a single list.


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