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What is a response template and how do I use one?

A response template is a collection of responses to a question that are saved for your future re-use.

Setting up responses to questions can be repetitive and time-consuming, and templates are there to save you time and effort and make the process easier.

Creating templates

Once you have set up responses to a questions - even simple responses like yes, no, and N/A - save them as a template. Just below the Responses area for a question you will see a button Save Responses as a Template. Click this, enter a name for the template, and you are done.

Using templates

Next time you add or modify a question and you want to use the same set of responses, you can use your template like this:

In the Responses area of your Question, click the +Add Response button, and select Use a Response Template. Select the name of your template in the drop down list, and the system will automatically add insert your response items for you.

Remember that any scoring you set up for your original template will be used in your new question.


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