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How can I format the content of a questionnaire?

When you add or modify questions you can format certain text in a variety of ways to make the question stand out or emphasize certain words or phrases.  You can also add links to online resources: web pages, images, videos, documents - any resource that you need to provide audit guidance or clarification on the underlying regulations, standards, codes or procedures.

Here are the things you can format:

  • Question Text
  • Question Help
  • Descriptive Text (One of the response types)

Formats you can use:

  • Emphasis (bold, italics, underline)
  • Align (left, center, right, justified)
  • Lists (bullets, numbered)
  • Indent (increase, decrease)
  • Font Size
  • Font Color (foreground, background)
  • Links (add, remove)
  • Table

 To format text, highlight it, then choose the formatting tool from the menu bar provided.

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