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Why is the questionnaire wizard online?

Compliance Checkpoint is based in the cloud. The tablet app is like a roving "satellite" enabling audits and inspections in the field. We want to keep it as nimble and fast as possible, so it makes sense not to overload it with functions that are already available to users in the cloud.

The various subscriptions we offer progressively enable features, particularly cloud features. Setting up questionnaires is one of these features which is available to all users, but there are many others, such as the ability to schedule audits, manage corrective actions, manage users and sites, configure security, and even do audits using a cloud interface rather than on a tablet.

The online questionnaire wizard - available on your dashboard also has some cool features like being able to drag and drop questions into different sections as you build a questionnaire, and these features tend to work more efficiently when you have a larger workspace with room to move.

You can find your dashboard by signing in at


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