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How do I delete a questionnaire and what happens when I do?

Important Note

You can only delete a questionnaire if you have never used it to conduct an audit. This is because the system retains a permanent record of each audit you do, and every audit has a link to the questionnaire that was used. This is true even if you change the name of the questionnaire or other details.

If you want to remove a (used) questionnaire you must make it Inactive. Once inactive, it will not appear in your list of available questionnaires when using your app on a tablet.

How to delete a questionnaire

Sign in to your cloud dashboard with your email and password, and you will see your Questionnaire Library.

On the My Library tab you will see a list of questionnaires.  In the right hand column there are 5 buttons for each questionnaire: Preview, Share, Copy, Edit and Delete.

To delete a questionnaire, hit the relevant Delete button, and when prompted, click OK.


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