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Automatic corrective actions

Compliance Checkpoint Cloud users can configure questionnaires to automatically generate a new Corrective Action if a particular response is selected.  This ensures that negative answers to particular questions always result in a Corrective Action. 

This feature works most effectively where automatic standard text is used to insert Observations and Comments. This is because Compliance Checkpoint takes the Observation text as the problem description and the Comment text as the suggested Remedial Action, and when creating a Corrective Action, imports the text in these fields into the Corrective Action.

Questionnaire/ Corrective Actions Text Synchronization

Compliance Checkpoint, by default, is set to keep the following fields synchronised:-


Corrective Action




Remedial Action



When text in any of these fields is modified, changes are reflected bi-directionally. Compliance Checkpoint Cloud users may opt to remove or modify this setting.

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