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Step 4 – Conduct the Audit

Compliance Checkpoint enables many audits to be conducted, simultaneously at many places around the world – or within your organisation. Audits conducted on tablet devices are uploaded to your Compliance Checkpoint cloud account, where they are stored permanently and are available for reporting and analysis.

The steps are listed below -

Open the audit questionnaire

  1. In the top left of the screen, tap the Menu icon  > Audits .
  2. Tap on the audit that you wish to open the audit questionnaire for, and tap the Open


Respond to Questions

  1. Tap on a question and select your responses.
  2. Navigate to the next question or tap the checkmark icon to save, to return to the audit questionnaire.


Add Attachments

  1. You can add files, images and voice recordings as attachments, against audit questions.
  2. Tap on a question and touch the Attachments tab.
  3. Choose the appropriate type of attachment – a file, taking an image or recording audio and attach.


Add a new Non Conformance

Compliance Checkpoint includes functions to add, modify and manage details of all non-conformances or infringements encountered during the audit process.

Each Non Conformance contains key functions enabling the comprehensive recording of compliance issues or non-conformances for any question in the audit. Steps to add a new non-conformance are listed below:

  1. Open the Audit Questionnaire.
  2. Tap on a question and touch the Non Conformance tab.
  3. Tap the plus icon to create a Non Conformance.
  4. Enter description, fill in the reported, incident and agreed dates and save, to create a non-conformance.
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